Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology (BSHE)

The program aims to produce key professionals who can contribute to the improvement of human welfare. Specifically, the student is trained to understand human development in relation to the biophysical and social environment; to have the necessary skills and competencies to participate in development programs as well as teaching and research on human-environment interaction, and to internalize and apply the ecological perspective to society’s problems.

Major in Human Settlements Planning (HSP)

Focuses on the design and implementation of plans which will ensure the long-term sustainability of the community and environmental resources while providing optimum development benefits to rural and urban communities. HSP major courses are offered and managed by the Department of Community and Environmental Resource Planning.

Subjects under HSP:

CERP 101

Fundamentals of Human Settlements

CERP 161

Planning and Theory Practice I

CERP 140

Fundamentals of Environmental Economics

HUME 124

Environmental Health

CERP 122

Conservation of Natural Resources

CERP 162

Planning and Theory Practice II

CERP 163

Land Use Planning for Human Settlements

CERP 165

Human Settlements Planning I

CERP 166

Human Settlements Planning II

CERP 164

Spatial Analysis & Planning for Human Settlements

CERP 170

Conservation of Natural Resources Environmental Project Planning & Administration

CERP 200

Undergraduate Thesis

Below are some of the career paths for BSHE-HSP graduates: