Academic Background

BS Agriculture (Soil Science), University of the Philippines Los Baños
MS Environmental Science (Environmental Planning and Management), University of the Philippines Los Baños
PhD in Geomatics (on-going)

Research Interests

Geomatics including geographic information system (GIS), geoinformation systems, photogrammetry and remote sensing (RS) in environmental and resource management, mapping, climate change risk, disaster risk reduction and management, and vulnerability assessments; land use planning, watershed management/planning, and land use change analysis; LiDAR data processing and analysis for flood hazard mapping, landscape assessments; agent-based modeling, and systems modeling for landslides, adaptation responses, and vulnerabilities; indigenous knowledge and practices in agriculture and environment; environmental and ecological modeling below and above-ground tree-crop interactions in agroforestry systems; nutrient dynamics and hydrologic functions of agroforestry systems; information and database development, management and programming

Research Profiles

Web of Science, ORCID,  Google Scholar , Linkedin, Researchgate, Academia

Recent Publications

Blanco, N.F.D., Salvacion, A.R., Devanadera, M.C.E. et al. 2022. Characterizing malaria spatial distribution in the province of Palawan, Philippines. Spat. Inf. Res. 30, 279–289 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s41324-022-00429-6
Eugenio, E.A., L. A. Acosta, D. B. Magcale-Macandog, P.B.M. Macandog, E. R. Abucay, J. Manuta, R.J.S. Decena, J.R. Palanas, L.T. Araquil, J.M.A. Eugenio and M.B. Hayana. 2018. Adaptive capacity of local communities to flash floods and landslides: Comparison of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in Eastern Mindanao. Climate, Disaster and Development Journal, 3(1), 51–69.https://doi.org/10.18783/cddj.v003.i01.a05